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What is an Insurance Broker?

Looking for the right insurance policy is never easy. You need to consider first your health condition, the policy cost, its benefits to you and your family and of course, what plan and where to avail. Instead of trying to find a health insurance plan on your own, it’s more practical to work with a broker who can help you choose the right type of policy that you’re looking for.

An expert Insurance Broker has no limits on the health insurance companies and plans that he/she can offer his/her clients. There is no cost in working with an insurance broker and you will be glad to know that there’s also no difference on its cost whether you purchase the policy from an insurance broker, direct from an insurance company or from a competing insurance agent offering the same programs from other companies.

A broker is someone who can help and assist you when you change address, file or appeal on claims or simply answer general questions about your policy. He/she will be able to answer your questions about different insurance companies and which cities they do business in. Insurance brokers can also explain clearly what types of health insurance coverage is available for you, what do the policies pay for specific medical services like, RX drugs, Doctor consultations, medical imaging, laboratory tests, ER visits, hospitalization, etc.

Unless you’re working in the insurance industry and an insurance broker yourself, there is no way that you have time to research health insurance companies and know what type of policies that best fit your health needs. It’s practical that you have someone who is an expert on insurance policies to help you with this big life investment.

A broker will also help you figure out what services are covered and what is not covered by your medical plan. Every insurance company follows different terms in their policies and has different services or conditions that are not covered in the policy contract. The broker can help you understand the terms in the contract and see if that plan is the right one for your health needs.

So, if you’re looking for guidance, suggestions and product expertise without having to shop plans for yourself, then working with an independent insurance broker is going to be a practical choice for you.

Flexible Health Plans provide a new way to evaluate what insurance benefits are right for you. We’ll walk you through the different insurance programs available to you and what role they can play in your life to help you minimize costs, maximize savings, and protect everything you’ve worked for.

We have saved families thousands on their health insurance policies.

Flexible Health Plans - Founder Chris Martin

Chris Martin began his insurance career as an independent insurance agent in June of 2002 just after graduating from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

If you can recall, in the recession of 2001-2002 many people lost their jobs and had to buy their own health insurance. It was Chris's job to sit down with those people, get a better understanding of the type of coverage they needed, and helped them get quotes from multiple insurance companies to review.

Once the client felt comfortable with the insurance company, and the policy, Chris would then assist them by submitting the insurance application on the clients behalf.

Each year if any of Chris's clients policies increased in cost, he would shop out their insurance with other insurance companies to make sure that they were getting the most value for their premium.

Fast Forward to 2023!

Although the health insurance market has changed so much since 2002, Chris's "Client-Cenetric" approach to helping individuals and families with their insurance needs has not changed! Purchasing insurance is more complex than ever and it is important that consumers have guidance and direction when it comes to the type of coverage they need. As Chris says, "we are NOT in the business of making our clients minds up for them, but as insurance professionals we are often tasked with the responsibility of helping people to make their minds up".

Piece of mind is what you can expect from Chris and our team at Flexible Health Plans when you partner with us to help you with your insurance planning.

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