Our Insurance Agencies

Need health insurance coverage in 24-Hours? Flexible Health Plans makes it easy for you to enroll online along with the guidance and support of one of our insurance agents. Our virtual insurance agents find the right kind of health insurance plans for individuals who are uninsured, or needing insurance coverage for themselves, or their families. We have physical locations in Wisconsin and Illinois but we are usually able to serve clients in almost any state.

Both our Milwaukee and Chicago insurance agency are full service insurance brokerages with access to a variety of insurance companies for you to choose from. When you request a nonobligatory insurance quote from us we will provide you with health insurance quotes from multiple companies with an unbiased advise based on your personal needs and budget.

Milwaukee Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency in Milwaukee, WI

Call or Text 414-467-6448


Glenview Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency in Glenview, IL

Call or Text 414-301-2504


Flexible Health Plans allows you to choose from multiple insurance companies with the help of our insurance agents who will coach you through choosing the right health insurance plan.

Our insurance brokerage has been helping people in Wisconsin purchase health insurance since 2002.