National General Health Insurance For Individuals & Families

National General Insurance Insurance Plans

National General offers individuals and families a variety of several short term (30 - 364 days of plans) major medical policies to choose from. Policies may cover doctor and emergency room visits as well as ambulance services, urgent care facilities and other services depending on the plan. National General health insurance plans have quickly become one of the most popular individual medical plans that individuals are using as an alternative to expensive "Obamacare" coverage because of their pricing, and plan flexibility. Customers can choose from many different deductible and coinsurance options that allow them to fit the plan into their budget as well as enhance the program benefits by adding additional lump sum cash coverage to help with medical bills.

Major Medical Plans & Limited Duration Health Insurance : with deductibles as low as $2500 or as high as $25,000. Pick you co-insurance 100%, 90%, 80%, 60%, or 50%.

Doctor Network : Cigna - PPO Network

The application process is simple, typically taking less than 10 minutes, and you can sign up by clicking here:

Ways To Enhance You National General Health Insurance Plan

Most health insurance polices offered by National General have medical plan deductibles between $2500 and $25,000 per person which means that you can expect a bill for any medical services you received during the year. Luckily, National General polices use Cigna PPO as a network, so as long as you receive care from a facility or physician in the PPO network your care costs will be discounted, but you will need to pay the final medical bill once you receive it which is why you might consider adding a "lump sum" pan enhancement to your policy which will pay you the cash you need to pay the bills.

Hospital Plans : Pays YOU a lump sum of cash or $1500 0r $3000 on admission to the hospital as well as pays additional daily benefit for each day you are confirmed the the hospital as well as cash for follow up doctor visits.

Indemnity Plans : Pays YOU a lump sum of cash to pay for doctor office visits, x-ray and labs, hospital confinement, & ER services.

Accidental Medical Expense Plans:

Term Life Insurance:

Cancer & Critical Illness Insurance: